Workshop Clinicians

Clayton Scott (teaches piano, Rudiments, Harmony, History)

Music History (workshops for teachers)

  •      Dead or Alive? Making Music History Live Again (2.5 hrs)
  •      Baroque, Classical and Romantic Music (3-4 hrs)
  •      Ravel: Impressionist or Not? (2 hrs)
  •       Music Through The Ages (for students, teachers

Music Through The Ages (for students, teachers, parents)

  •      The Virtuosi: Paganini and Listz (1-1.5 hrs)
  •      Numerous operas (1-2 hrs)
  •      Numerous ballets (1- 2 hrs)
  •      Music Nationalism (2-3 hrs)
  •      Great Musicals (1 hrs)

General Workshops

  •      Time Management and Practising Tips: geared to teens – 1 hrs
  •      An Overview of the Suzuki Method, the Parent’s Role and how to provide motivation to young children (parent talk 1-1.5 hrs)

Wendy Seravalle-Smith (teaches violin, viola, cello)

  •      Guest clinician for violin, particularly Books 1 to 10
  •      Guest clinician for viola, particularly Books 1 to 8
  •      Guest clinician for cello, particularly Books 1 to 2
  •      Viola as a second instrument for violinists (violas required)
  •      Strings adjudicators for music festivals

Margot Jewell

  •      Violin group classes, master classes (all levels)
  •      Parent/teacher talks (topic of your choice)
  •      Festival adjudicator for string

Paule Barsalou

  •      Guest clinician for violin private and group classes (all levels of Suzuki repertoire as well as post Book 8)
  •      Parent talks on a variety of topics
  •      Observation of teaching and feedback for teachers.
  •      Informal pedagogical discussions

Elayne Ras (teaches violin, conducts orchestra and Community Band)

  •      Suzuki group class/workshop; could also include orchestra

Ellen Berry (teaches piano)

  •   Guest clinician for Suzuki piano master classes
  •   Parent/teacher talks
  •   Student Workshop: “Practice with Purpose”

Nena LaMarre (piano)

  •  Guest clinician for piano master classes and workshops (all levels)
  •  Parent/teacher talks on your choice of topic
  •  Non-competitive festival adjudication and exam preparation

Susan Gagnon (Cello)

  •  Guest clinician for Suzuki cello group classes and master classes of all levels
  •  Parent/teacher talks
  •  Festival adjudicator for strings (violin, viola and cello)
  •  exam preparation

Kate Einarson

  • Presentations for parents and teachers about the scientific study of music
  • The Development of a Musical Mind: Studying the Effects of Musical Experience
  • Music and Movement: How are They Linked in the Brain and the Body?
  • Other topics available upon request: relating music and language, musical development in infants and children, cross-cultural musical knowledge

Pierre Gagnon

  • Guest Clinicians for Violin and Viola master classes of all levels
  • Viola as a second instrument
  • Chamber music and orchestra coaching
  • Festival adjudicator for strings