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Jabour, Lenni
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Every Child Can Learn To Play The Piano!

As someone who studied piano via the Suzuki Method throughout her childhood, and the mother of two young children, Lenni Jabour fully understands both parent and children’s perspectives when it comes to learning how to play the piano.

Having been fully involved in the Suzuki Method from every angle – parent, student, teacher – Lenni set up Little Music with a goal to foster in her students a deep and sustained love and understanding of music, their creative outlets, and a way for parents and children to bond over their Suzuki lessons together.

Classically trained through all levels of both Royal Conservatory and The Suzuki Method, Lenni’s own early love of music (piano lessons started at 3) led her to become a professional musician.  She has lived in New York, Los Angeles and Paris where she has performed concerts, and composed and recorded original music for her own work, professional theatre productions, television commercials, and soundtracks for films in both the US and Canada.  Lenni did her Suzuki Piano teacher training with renowned instructor and trainer Gail Lange, and her Suzuki Early Childhood Education with founders of the program Dorothy and Sharon Jones.  All of Lenni’s trainers worked directly with Shi’nichi Suzuki in Matsumoto, Japan.  Lenni also regularly observes Master Classes by Leon Fleisher as part of the Royal Conservatory of Music, and sits on the Board of the Suzuki Association of Ontario.

The far-reaching impact of learning via the Suzuki Method is seen in studios and families across the globe, and Lenni’s own encouraging, lighthearted manner enables her students to delight in and develop their own natural talent (everyone has it!).   Her sense of self-discipline plus her directive practice strategies are helpful for parents and students in her piano program; her attentive, fun and loving approach to babies, plus a thorough understanding of the scientific evidence related to the effects of music education on very young children, make her one of the top music teachers for young children in the city.

Most importantly, Lenni believes that connecting with your child through music is possibly one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences a family can have.   The Suzuki Method’s priority of involving parents in their child’s musical education is priceless in both scope and impact.  Witnessing this with Little Music students and their families has been one of the most deeply gratifying aspects of teaching for Lenni.