519: Summer 2021 News

The SAO Board Representative for 519 East and West is Andrea Cook. You can send her your news at andreacook361@gmail.com.

Despite the challenges of teaching on zoom this year, there have been some opportunities for special guests to take part, who might otherwise not have been able to attend our classes.

Anna Hughes teaches the “Crow” group class at the Suzuki String School of Guelph. One week she had the students find out a bit about Jonathan Crow. After they came to group class with some information and Anna shared a video of him playing a piece on Youtube, she realized having the real thing would be even better. Being a freelance musician herself, she knows musicians are not that busy right now. She happened to know he has his own children in Suzuki, or did when Anna last taught a workshop at Etobicoke Suzuki School. She also felt there might be a chance Jonathan Crow would be interested because he was a Suzuki student himself. Anna wrote him an email and heard back from him a day later, saying that he would love to come and speak to her book 1 group. It was a really special and inspiring class. Anna is so very grateful to Jonathan Crow and looks forward to seeing him in person with these students when concerts are running again.

Another special guest dropped by on zoom to give a presentation to the senior violin and cello groups at the Suzuki String School of Guelph. Stephen Quinney, an award winning luthier, gave a presentation to the students on instrument making, repair and maintenance. It was fascinating, and we all learned something new.