Workshop Clinicians

Clayton Scott (teaches piano, Rudiments, Harmony, History)

Music History (workshops for teachers)

  •      Dead or Alive? Making Music History Live Again (2.5 hrs)
  •      Baroque, Classical and Romantic Music (3-4 hrs)
  •      Ravel: Impressionist or Not? (2 hrs)
  •       Music Through The Ages (for students, teachers

Music Through The Ages (for students, teachers, parents)

  •      The Virtuosi: Paganini and Listz (1-1.5 hrs)
  •      Numerous operas (1-2 hrs)
  •      Numerous ballets (1- 2 hrs)
  •      Music Nationalism (2-3 hrs)
  •      Great Musicals (1 hrs)

General Workshops

  •      Time Management and Practising Tips: geared to teens – 1 hrs
  •      An Overview of the Suzuki Method, the Parent’s Role and how to provide motivation to young children (parent talk 1-1.5 hrs)

Wendy Seravalle-Smith (teaches violin, viola, cello)

  •      Guest clinician for violin, particularly Books 1 to 10
  •      Guest clinician for viola, particularly Books 1 to 8
  •      Guest clinician for cello, particularly Books 1 to 2
  •      Viola as a second instrument for violinists (violas required)
  •      Strings adjudicators for music festivals

Margot Jewell

  •      Violin group classes, master classes (all levels)
  •      Parent/teacher talks (topic of your choice)
  •      Festival adjudicator for string

Paule Barsalou

  •      Guest clinician for violin private and group classes (all levels of Suzuki repertoire as well as post Book 8)
  •      Parent talks on a variety of topics
  •      Observation of teaching and feedback for teachers.
  •      Informal pedagogical discussions

Laura Nerenberg

  • Guest clinician for Suzuki Violin levels from Pre-Twinkle through advanced concert repertoire for over 20 years.
  • Coach for chamber music with over two decades of experience performing professionally as a chamber musician and coaching chamber music groups.
  • Creative Ability Development (improvisation) clinician for groups of students of all levels for strings, piano and flute.
  • Creative Ability Development trainer for teachers who wish to learn how to teach improvisation and/or learn to improvise themselves: workshops available for 2 hours to 2 days.
  • Festival adjudicator
  • Baroque music for Suzuki students: Laura is an experienced Baroque music specialist who can coach student soloists, chamber groups or chamber orchestras in the performance of Early Music.
  • Parent talks: As a Suzuki parent, Suzuki teacher and piano student, Laura has amassed many tips on how to make the most of your practice time.

Elayne Ras (teaches violin, conducts orchestra and Community Band)

  •      Suzuki group class/workshop; could also include orchestra

Ellen Berry (teaches piano)

  •   Guest clinician for Suzuki piano master classes
  •   Parent/teacher talks
  •   Student Workshop: “Practice with Purpose”

Nena LaMarre (piano)

  •  Guest clinician for piano master classes and workshops (all levels)
  •  Parent/teacher talks on your choice of topic
  •  Non-competitive festival adjudication and exam preparation

Susan Gagnon (Cello)

  •  Guest clinician for Suzuki cello group classes and master classes of all levels
  •  Parent/teacher talks
  •  Festival adjudicator for strings (violin, viola and cello)
  •  exam preparation

Kate Einarson

  • Presentations for parents and teachers about the scientific study of music
  • The Development of a Musical Mind: Studying the Effects of Musical Experience
  • Music and Movement: How are They Linked in the Brain and the Body?
  • Other topics available upon request: relating music and language, musical development in infants and children, cross-cultural musical knowledge

Pierre Gagnon

  • Guest Clinicians for Violin and Viola master classes of all levels
  • Viola as a second instrument
  • Chamber music and orchestra coaching
  • Festival adjudicator for strings