Essie’s Scholarship Story

I would like to thank the SAO Teacher Development Scholarship Committee for making my training possible this June. I had the privilege to study Violin Unit 7 and Revisiting Unit 1 with renowned Suzuki Pedagogue Judy Bossuat-Gallic at the virtual Memphis Suzuki Institute. The training was also partially funded under the SAA’s Joe Cleveland Memorial Scholarship.  

My last institute experience was Violin Teaching Strategy at SOSI back in 2019, which feels like a decade ago. Even though this training was halted in 2020, I am very thankful that I can continue my professional development with like-minded colleagues from across different time zones from the comfort of home. I encourage all members to take advantage of the special online offerings from the greater Suzuki community and complete the overdue training that has been on their to-do list. Once you do it, you will never regret it!     

– Essie Liu