Student Day

Saturday, November 11, 2023

1 pm

Parent Talk

Rob Richardson

Saturday, November 11 - 1 pm | Room 318

3 pm

Mental Health: What Parents and Teachers Can Do

Michael Hammond

Saturday, November 11 - 3 pm | Room 510

Michael Hammond, a Suzuki parent, will share lessons learned from his mental health story and offer tips based on his experience for how teachers and parents can offer help to children or peers who might be living with mental illness.

There are opportunities that teachers have, due to their unique relationship with children, that might allow them to help in ways parents cannot.

There are also facets of the Suzuki philosophy that are similar to effective mental health therapies and coping strategies.

Teacher Day

Sunday, November 12, 2023

9 am

Keynote Presentation

Rob Richardson

Sunday, November 12 - 9 am | Room 221

10 am

Teaching Music to students with ADHD

Ursa Meyer & Emma Grant-Zypchen

Sunday, November 12 - 10am | Room 223

Teaching children with ADHD and creating a neurodivergent safe space in your studio.


Suzuki Early Childhood Education

Sharon Jones

Sunday, November 12 - 10am | Room 220

During the early childhood years, every moment is an opportunity for children to learn more about the world around them, to practise social skills, and to gain critical thinking skills and knowledge.

1:00 pm Maximize your Membership!

Rebecca Ashworth

Sunday, November 12 - 1:00 pm | Room 221

The SAO Administrator will walk through the new Have all your questions answered and maximize your membership.

1:30 pm

Explore 2021 Edition of Technique, Etudes, and Musicianship

Kelly Parkins-Lindstrom

Sunday, November 12 - 1:30 pm | Room 221

Explore the 2021 Edition of Technique, Etudes, and Musicianship, designed to mirror Suzuki’s hand-frame development. This resource offers diverse and innovative works of thematic storytelling to foster creativity and capture students’ imaginations while bringing technique to life. Experience an array of modern materials for solo and group performance, making it an excellent complement to the Suzuki Method’s step-by-step approach.  

Bring your instruments to play along with Kelly Parkins-Lindstrom for an exciting musical journey! 


Improvisation for Teachers

Laura Nerenberg

Sunday, November 12 - 1:30 pm | Room 223

An improvisation class using the Suzuki-aligned principles of Creative Ability Development followed by a Q&A period. Learn creativity games to play with students and nurture your own creative voice — no previous improvisation experience is required.

2:30 pm

Theory & Reading: 10 games to integrate in your group class

Debbie Hammond

Sunday, November 12 - 2:30 pm | Room 223

Teaching students to read music and integrating a little music theory into your group class is a fun and active way to enhance your students understanding of the music they learn to play. Let’s explore games to introduce fundamental concepts and provide opportunities to practice these skills with peers.


Have you listened to your CD? What's a CD? The emergence of online listening.

Pierre Yves Gagnon

Sunday, November 12 - 2:30 pm | Room 220

After the pandemic, it dawned on the teachers that there was dramatic shift in how students listen to their recordings. Not so long ago, listening was a simple affair. You insert a CD in a CD player then you press play. Nowadays, listening to a recording is not so simple. Fewer families own a CD player. Parents and teachers have to know which platform they use, which app to use, which device the music will be played on and the list goes on. There are as many answers as there are families.

This panel discussion will explore the different strategies to deal and to take advantage of the emergence online listening.

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