905 Area News Fall 2021

The SAO Board Representative for 905 North and South is Mary Burke. You can send her your news at enniskillen.suzuki@gmail.com.

As another music education year begins, I was cleaning up the clutter of my piano area and cupboards.  I like looking at the old recital programs, festival syllabi, sticky notes in books on music that was assigned as supplemental reading or duets for students.

Even in my small — compared to some of yours — studio, it is wonderful to look back at the students that have been a part of it.  I’ve taught for 20 years now.  Some of my students have graduated college or university.  One just completed his U of T music degree and is returning for a masters.  Others are in health, science, humanities and trades. One student came to install electrical at my home a month ago. Another was scooping ice cream at the store for two summers in between her university semesters. I think I get extra ice cream when she serves me!  All of them have grown taller than me (not too hard, but still).

They grow up fast for parents and us too.  We are privileged to be a part of their lives for so many years.  I have kids in school Grade 1 to Grade 9 and wonder what they will choose down the road.  But I do know that the skills they learn in Suzuki piano this year — time management, perseverance, performance, working together, goal setting and learning something well and sharing it — will carry over into their other activities, musical or not.

Have a good fall full of lessons and remember, all of a sudden these little people will be off to new interests, education or jobs and you will have helped in that journey.  Enjoy.

– Mary Burke, 905 area representative

La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra is entering its 23rd year under the direction of Laurie Mitchell.  LJYO continued its musical performances during Covid restrictions using livestream. It hosted three successful on-line concerts, including Sonic Bloom and In the Spotlight. LJYO meets in Port Hope for live practice as guidelines permit and has many offerings for its members this year, including Preparatory Ensemble. Check out the website at www.ljyo.ca for all the details and find us on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

– Laurie Mitchell, member of 905 South