Fall 2021: Board News

This summer, the board focused much of our work on the Nomination Committee to fill available board positions. We also supported the SAO Café and SAO TEA events in July and  membership renewals have been in full swing. The executive team spent the summer hammering out the details for the SAO Come Together: Online Conference 2021 in November. Registration is open for both Student and Teacher Days. We hope to see you there!

The Nomination Committee had a tremendous amount of work to do this year with a number of long standing board members finishing their terms. The committee was searching for at least 5 nominees to fill vacant positions and after many making many connections with members, they have returned with a wonderful nomination slate. This will be presented at the AGM in November.

In July, the SAO Café was the first online social event held for our membership. Approximately 25 members found time to drop in via Zoom where we chatted about life, music, and the universe. It was a great chance to connect with old friends and new. We will be hosting another drop-in SAO Café at the end of September, so keep an eye on your inbox.

On July 28, we hosted a second COVID Information Night with Meghan Smith, RN. This was an excellent and instructive event that gave our teachers the opportunity to ask questions about specific provincial policies for a safe return to the in person lesson environment. Check out the safety recommendations here.

The next full board meeting is scheduled for November 28. If you have an idea for an upcoming SAO TEA session topic or project proposal you would like considered, please contact Claire at info@suzukiassociaiton.org