Fall 2021: SAO TEA COVID-19 Summary

On Wednesday, July 28 we welcomed Meghan Smith, RN, for an information evening to discuss the most current public health protocols for COVID-19 safety in the lesson environment. The evening was an excellent opportunity for teachers to ask questions and clarify what best practices should be adopted for studio safety. Meghan spoke to the need for pre-screening before any in-person lessons, masks, maintaining distance, hand washing, cleaning procedures and ventilation. These layers all work together to minimize the risk to every teacher, student and parent in the studio. Meghan emphasized that it is important to consider your own comfort level when returning to in person lessons.

1. Have students use a pre-screening tool
Ontario Screening for School Age Children
Toronto Public Health- Screening

2. All students, parents and teachers should wear masks for the duration of the lesson.
Public Health Canada Mask Guidance

3. Keep your distance

  • In your studio, use painter’s tape or decals to mark the floor/carpet with appropriate distance.
  • For group class, consider using painter’s tape to create a spacing grid on the floor
  • Use hula hoops to create a space for each student.
  • Plexiglass barriers were also discussed. The importance of cleaning was stressed if using this type of barrier in your studio space.
4. Hand washing
  • Hand sanitizer upon entry into the lesson space.
  • Both student and teacher need to reapply before and after any contact during the lesson.
5. Cleaning procedures
  • Suggestion of using Lysol disinfectant or Clorox wipes to clean surfaces.
  • The cleaner needs time to dry after application.
  • All door handles, light switches, music stands, etc. need to be cleaned between students.
6. Ventilation
  • Whenever possible, open windows and doors to increase fresh airflow in the lesson space.
  • Consider teaching outside (weather permitting).
Our next SAO TEA event will be in February. Details will be posted in the Winter Newsletter!