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Gilles Comeau
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Gilles Comeau received his Ph.D. in the Foundations of Music Education in 1995 from the University of Montreal. There he continued his Post-Doctoral studies in piano pedagogy from 1995-1997 with Marc Durand and Gilles Manny. Currently a Professor in the School of Music of the University of Ottawa, he co-ordinates both the piano pedagogy and the music education sectors. He has been the beneficiary of many research grants, including grants from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and Ontario Innovation Trust to establish a 1.2 million dollar research laboratory in piano pedagogy. As head of this infrastructure, he has set up many multidisciplinary research groups, all studying various aspects of piano learning and piano teaching. He has authored many books including Piano Pedagogy: A Research and Information Guide Comparing Dalcroze, Orff and Kodàly and the five books in the Illustrated History of Music for Young Musicians series. He is also the author of over 20 educational kits to be used by music and art teachers, and has written various research papers in music education and piano pedagogy.