SAO Teacher/Trainer Scholarships

The SAO board will award scholarships for teacher development.

Applicant must be a member of the SAO and SAA.
  • To apply, complete the Scholarship Application Form.
  • Scholarships will be awarded in the following amounts:
    • $400 for a Unit 1 teacher training course. This applicant must be attending their first training course.  This scholarship will only be awarded at the May 31 deadline.
    • $200 for an in person SAA training course
    • $150 for an online SAA training course
  • There are two draws a years, with the deadlines of October 31 and May 31.
  • The number of scholarships awarded is dependent on the SAO scholarship budget, and will vary each year.
  • Scholarship applicants are not eligible to receive more than 2 scholarships in 3 calendar years.

**Please read the SAO’s updated full list of policies to check your eligibility here.**

Sound Post Scholarship SAA Conference 2021

*Currently not available due to COVID-19. Stay tuned.

Travel Bursaries for Board members

*Currently not available due to COVID-19.

At the November 2011 Full Board meeting a motion was passed that the SAO offer two travel bursaries for board members, each in the amount of $200 to travel to conferences and or full board meetings provided the travelling distance is a minimum of 400 km. The deadline to apply for said bursaries would be October 1st of each year. This is in accordance with the SAO’s strategic plan and our efforts to be a viable organization for the entire province.

Bursaries to assist like-instrument/cross studio events available

At the November 2011 Full Board meeting a motion was passed that up to three bursaries of $150 each will be made available on a yearly basis to assist in the organization of like-instrument/cross studio/school workshops.

Applications should be submitted by email ( by October 31.