Membership Application

Download the individual application form

  • Membership becomes effective 31 days after receipt of application and fees. Annual memberships due September 15 are valid until August 31 of the following year. A membership in the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA – Click here to get to The Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc. web page ) is a prerequisite for an active membership in the Suzuki Association of Ontario (SAO). This prerequisite does not applies if you are applying for a non-voting subscribing membership. By becoming a member, your privileges will last until September, 1st of each year. Active Membership Benefit and Privileges:
  • Voting privilege
  • To hold office
  • To receive the SAO newsletter
  • 10% discount on advertising in SAO Newsletter
  • Free classified ads for sales of instruments provided the instrument is own by the Member
  • Name listed in the SAO online directory
  • Have access to all supports and services provided by the SAO
  • Group membership: Teachers who are members of an Organization or School member of the SAO are entitled to a reduced active membership fee. However, their acceptance as a member of the SAO is conditional to the prerequisite listed above (download the group application form)
  • Patron membership includes all privileges of active membership and special listing in the directory.

Renewal Options:

Individual teacher $67.00
School $140.00
Teacher in a school $57.00
Teacher with 2 years or less $25.00
Active family $85.00
Subscribing individual (non-teacher) $15.00

Download the individual application form

Mail your application form along with payment to the following address:

Suzuki Association of Ontario
75 Cardigan St
Guelph ON
N1H 3Z7

or e-mail