I am grateful to be a member of the Suzuki Association of Ontario. I am a “charter member” and what a ride it has been!

The value of being a member of a professional organization has many tangible rewards.
In addition to receiving and forwarding referrals, I think that the distinction of being in this organization has helped me to create a unique profile for myself over time to the point where I can do more than just teach. This has led to many opportunities such as adjudicating and workshops.

In a less concrete but much more meaningful way, being in the SAO has helped me.
Making new friends and renewing old friendships is priceless! It keeps up my spirit. Conferences are annual renewals. Even the trips to conferences make great escapes from the daily routine.

Professional development: over the years, the various keynotes and sessions have been life-changing. I have been exposed to world-class thinking and practices, and I am a much better teacher than had I not been in the SAO. It has helped me to focus on my mission.

The commitment to ongoing self-improvement gives me a positive outlook, and there is always a nudge there to take my work up to the next level. That is something to get up for in the morning! ◆ Julian Fisher

Being a member of the SAO has allowed me to learn more about training opportunities, receive training and travel scholarships, and connect to an important community of teachers and mentors; sharing teaching ideas and swapping stories, as well as securing referrals and transfer students from trusted colleagues – and building friendships. ◆ Lenni Jabour

Shinichi Suzuki, through his actions and words, encouraged us all to conscientiously pursue personal and professional growth through life- long learning. The Suzuki Association of Ontario has helped to facilitate my growth over many years through newsletters, workshops and contact with colleagues. At the annual SAO conferences, held in various Southern Ontario locations, new ideas are discussed and community is built. Suzuki teachers from the eastern provinces offer support and encouragement on our journeys. The SAO has provided me with inspiration, surrounded me with community and also facilitated the growth of my studio through the website teacher referral. SAO membership is a great investment in your future! ◆ Susan Gagnon

I have taken all ten unit courses, repeating unit 1 three times. I also took supplementary courses on technique for teachers, supplementary materials, group class techniques and the SPA and practicum courses. Although I am now a teacher trainer, I truly value the conferences as further opportunity for teacher development. ◆ Margot Jewell

Every SAO member is important and valuable. Our organization works best if we collaborate and join forces rather than do things alone in a vacuum. Giving service to an organization in this way builds a stronger community. We do all of this and more following the SAA code of ethics. Go team! ◆ Gretchen Paxson-Abberger

It is my responsibility now to become a teacher who will create the kinds of experiences that were so special to me for the next generation of Suzuki students. I feel like there is no better place to learn how to do that than SOSI. ◆ Taryn Chaykowski