SAO Teacher Development Scholarships: Deadline May 31

Did you know the SAO offers members scholarships to continue their Suzuki teacher training?

Scholarships are just one way that the SAO supports excellence in music education in the Suzuki community. This year, the SAO board has revised the scholarship program criteria. The Board hopes this will encourage new members and members who have never applied for a scholarship to apply. New teachers attending their first training course are able to apply for a dedicated Unit 1 scholarship. All online core unit and supplemental unit course are eligible for support too! 

Check out the full list of SAA course offerings here.

Mark your calendar! Applications for scholarships are due on or before May 31 and October 31. Check out the full scholarship offerings and eligibility below. 

Scholarship Policies

General Information

  1. Scholarship applications are to be submitted through the website google form. Alternatively, scholarship applications may also be submitted by email to the SAO administrator. 
  2. There are two set deadlines for scholarship applications: October 31 (for approval in November) and May 31 (for approval in June). Applications received for the October 31 deadline are for courses occurring prior to the May 31 deadline. Applications received for the May 31 deadline are for courses occurring prior to the October 31 deadline. Applications for retroactive scholarships will not be accepted.
  3. Scholarships will be awarded to applicants attending SAA approved training courses. This includes core units and approved supplemental courses. Courses without SAA accreditation will not be accepted.
  4. The number of scholarships awarded is dependent on the SAO scholarship budget, and will vary each year. In the case of severe financial limitations, preference will be given to new scholarship applicants and applicants who have not been awarded a scholarship in the previous calendar year. 
  5. Scholarships will be awarded in the following amounts:
  • $400 for a Unit 1 teacher training course. This applicant must be attending their first training course. This scholarship will only be awarded at the May 31 deadline.
  • $200 for an in person SAA training course
  • $150 for an online SAA training course


  1. All scholarship recipients must be active members of the SAA and SAO at the time of application.   
  2. Applicants are eligible to receive one scholarship, applicable to a single course, per calendar year.
  3. Scholarship applicants are not eligible to receive more than 2 scholarships in 3 calendar years.
  4. Applicants for the Unit 1 scholarship must provide documentation of a successful SAA audition. Applicants with a pending audition may be approved, but will receive the scholarship funds once their audition has been approved. The candidate must not have completed any other SAA training, except the prerequisite course, Every Child Can.
  5. Successful applicants must provide proof of completion of the course to the Administrator by submitting your SAA training record.
  6. A short article about the experience of taking the course must be submitted for publication in the SAO newsletter (300 words maximum). Submissions should be submitted in a timely fashion following completion of the course. Submission deadlines are March 5, June 5, September 5, December 5.
  7. Scholarship recipients are required to notify the SAO of any changes to their intended course. If the intended course is cancelled, the recipient is expected to return the scholarship funds or request permission to transfer the scholarship to an alternate SAA approved course.

To apply for a scholarship, please complete an online scholarship form.