Sherry’s Scholarship Story

Thank you so much for this scholarship. I can’t wait to travel and be in person for another Suzuki course with my friends. This year, my plans changed as Canadians were not able to drive to the U.S during the pandemic. This past summer was different. I had planned on taking book 3 in Boston. Instead, I took it online in the winter. The book 4 class was more interesting. We chose one of three essay topics and wrote a paper.  Additionally, pieces we learned for the course were introduced on various instruments. My favourite observation teacher Mary Frances shared her knowledge and humour once again! We were introduced to podcasts called Beyond the Music Lesson by Christine Goodner. I continue to admire the memorization method for Gavotte that my dearest teacher Caroline shared with Aubrey! The Suzuki method is my favourite method to teach, no contest. We have a special Suzuki community. I’m honoured to be a part of this organization.

~ Sherry Boyd, Kingston Ontario