The Promise…The Challenge: A Suzuki Teacher’s Pledge

We realize the unlimited possibilities of early education.

We also realize that every child can be educated.

Our purpose is to develop this ability, and present this fact to the world.

We are delighted to be teachers of the Suzuki Method and fully comprehend the responsibilities we have as teachers.

We will continue to study teaching in the future with much reflection, and through this continuing study we will be better able to concentrate energies toward better teaching.

We solemnly affirm that we will keep this promise as a Suzuki Method Teacher, and always do our utmost for our common purpose of educating the children of the world.

This video, produced by the Suzuki Association of the Americas, on Suzuki teacher training features interviews with Charles Krigbaum, Rachel Fabulich, Beth Cantrell, Sarah Bylander Montzka, Elizabeth Stuen-Walker, Gilda Barston, Pat D’Ercole, Yvonne Davila, Robbin Gordon-Cartier, Sheryl Shohet, and Stephanie Price. It was premiered at the end of the Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 4, 2009.

The Suzuki Association of Ontario provides scholarships and bursaries for teacher training.