Suzuki Lessons

What are the special features of a Suzuki music lesson?

  • Any child who can learn his or her mother tongue can learn to play an instrument, given a good musical environment and fine teaching.
  • The child learns to play first by ear. Later the skills of reading music are introduced.
  • A child may begin lessons at an early age. Suzuki says: “Ability develops from age zero”. Suzuki classes are available for expectant parents, babies with parents, and preschoolers with parents, with instrumental music lessons beginning as young as age two.
  • Although the lessons are individual, other students and parents may be in the studio observing the lesson. Children are motivated to learn, practice, and participate by observing others at their lessons.
  • Many Suzuki programs also include a weekly group lesson or other group activities.
  • The parent attends each lesson, learning how to guide the child’s practice sessions at home.
  • The learning process is broken down into several small steps so the child will experience success.
  • Parent, teacher and child enjoy the mastery of each step in the learning process.
  • Children become used to playing for an audience because others observe their lessons.
  • Playing from memory becomes an easily acquired skill.
  • Learning of physical skills is accomplished through the senses.